December 23, 2002

I was at the supermarket tonight, buying as little as possible, but enough to meet my Christmas food commitments. (nasty... [more]

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December 13, 2002

Film Screening

The RMIT Community Advocacy Unit is holding a screening of Australia's Pacific Solution on Thursday 19 December, 6pm, at the... [more]

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Friday 13th

Yup. Everything's gone wrong at work, servers falling over, tiny bugfixes breaking the system. It's certainly Friday 13th. Anyone had... [more]

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December 06, 2002

cray-zee names

Darren has directed me to this gem. I have what some would consider a 'weird' name, and weirdness when it... [more]

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December 03, 2002

The Silos at Cremorne

Today's Age claims that the silos beneath the Nylex clock in Richmond (actually a suburblet called Cremorne, apparently) are to... [more]

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December 02, 2002

This Is Your City

OK, so maybe I'm just more interested in this because I have to be, but there are a number of... [more]

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December 01, 2002

Muriel Rukeyser

One of my favourite poets, Muriel Rukeyser, wrote a poem that seems to capture the mood of a country determined... [more]

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