April 27, 2006

everyone's a winner

Following on from a slightly odd Brunswick morning which culminated in me moving the remainder of my stuff out of my ex-housemates' garage (thanks for letting me use the space!), I managed to get an afternoon of work done and found myself staring into a post-6pm sea of headlights coming up Punt Road, searching for the four lights in a box pattern that signifies the Punt Road / Hoddle Street bus.

At Clifton Hill station, I made a startling discovery - one that you can only really make while it's dark. If you look directly down the northbound platform, you can see the Nylex sign! How comforting. A few minutes later on the train, somebody was reading the free newspaper nearby - a full-page ad leapt out at me, perhaps because it seemed like such a sign of the times? "Do nothing and win!" Quite. In another direction, a girl woke up long enough to slide off her iPod Nano's cover so she could check her reflection, then leant back against the window. I suppose she was getting her beauty sleep on the way home.

posted on April 27, 2006 at 04:27 PM by cos.
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