March 06, 2003

Fire! Fire! Fire!

There's a fire station around the corner from work, on Bouverie St. Since it's currently start of the student year, there's no chance I can slack on a tram heading north from Melb Central, so, book in hand, I walk. Fortunate indeed that book-reading while walking means you move slower, otherwise I would have been *right outside* the fire station when fire engine #1 would have wacked on its siren and screamed out onto the road in front of me. This would have caused instantaneous heart failure on my behalf. So anyway, as I go past, engine #2 is still sitting inside, empty and waiting. And I notice an e-tag on its front windshield. This makes me wonder: * Do fire engines have to pay for using e-taggy roads? * Do they get to bill it back as an operating cost? * Or is it just there to stop billing hassles on behalf of Transurban? * Maybe it's only there in case the fireys decide they'd like to juuust pop out for a quick spot of fish n chips up the freeway. An e-tag for personal jaunts in the fire engine, only.
posted on March 06, 2003 at 12:48 PM by nicola.