October 07, 2002


I think I might have a virus: W32/Bugbear-A ....I don't have any virus software...if we purchase some can I get rid of this? If not what can I do?

posted on October 07, 2002 at 02:46 PM by rhonda.

searching google.com for "bugbear virus removal" provides :

https://www.europe.f-secure.com/support/technical/av5/support-issue-2002100200.shtml (which has a standalone removal tool)


http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]

Investing in some virus software's probably not a bad idea, but only if you keep the virus definitions up to date (most of them have an online updating scheme these days)

Also, be sensible about file attachments. If you don't know why they sent it to you, ask before you open it (and if the person says "huh ? I didn't send you anything !" then you know...)

posted on October 7, 2002 5:50 PM by cos.

thanks Cos, I'm clean now....I think I got it from uni...what virus software is the best? I hear Norton isn't very good....

posted on October 8, 2002 10:44 AM by Rhonda.
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