October 01, 2002

Practical Irony

Some people play with evaluation PCs. Some people sing songs. Me, I build financial models for golf courses. Here's the exchange which led to this event:

[Immediate boss] "[Bigger boss] wants you to do the business case for the golf course".
[Me] "That's funny, given I hate golf and think golf courses are the worst use of public short of poorly-stabilised chemical waste storage".
[Immediate boss] "Yeah, I know. Hey, why do they call it golf? Because shit was taken".
[Later][Bigger boss] "So, do you play golf?"
[Me] "No". {Subversive brain chatter} "Because I have a brain".
[Bigger boss] "Great! You'll be highly objective then".
[Me] "Mm". {Subversive brain chatter} "Ha, ha, ha, ha, I'm completely stuffed".
[Bigger boss] "And can you model three different management scenarios. And can you do it by October, because [biggest boss of all] wants it done soon?"
[Me] "Sure". {Disturbing silence in brain}.

Key learning events from this exercise: Excel will let you nest up to 7 IF statements; golf courses are very expensive; I still hate golf. And I never got to tell the golf/shit joke.

posted on October 01, 2002 at 04:43 PM by darren.

There was an article in the papers a few months ago.. where there it was about "should we conserve one of the few remaining natural lands or should we convert it into ANOTHER golf course?"

We're talking about Singapore here, where land is scarce and we hardly have any greenery in it's most natural state. Yet, there was an argument about IF we needed another golf course. Hmm!

Common sense would have settled the issue immediately, since the people who *can* afford the golf equipments and the memberships at the Country Clubs, also can afford a luxury car and drive it across the causeway where everything is in Ringgit and at a 50% discount!


posted on October 2, 2002 12:18 AM by Mavis.
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