March 20, 2006

Albee the dog

Well, Darren and I have adopted a dog from an animal shelter. His name is Albert but we call him Albee for short. He is Jack Russell Terrier aka Jack Russell Terrorist and he is very cute. He has not really lived up to the terrorist label of this breed - they just need a lot of input and exercise! He is friends with everybody he meets down the street, but once we are home he growls at anyone going by. He loves baths.

We had adopted another dog we called Seamus, but before we could get him home he threatened the vet and two handlers at the shelter and it turned out that he had a 'Jekyl & Hyde' personality. He would not back down from his growling and teeth baring so he was put down - the shelter cannot knowingly release a dog of that unpredictable nature back out into the community. We were pretty sad about that. But on reflection we decided that the decision to adopt a lost dog had been made so a week or so later we went ahead with Albee.

It has been ten years of being a cat owner only and I am still getting used to how dogs want to be with you all the time and join in with whatever you are doing - including having a shower! The cats, Gus & Bella, are adjusting to the new arrival as well as could be expected.

I look forward to when all the Soupistes can meet the new friend.

posted on March 20, 2006 at 05:05 PM by fleur.

ok, I just fell upon your comments by accident and this is too weird. My name is Fleur too, because my parents enjoyed the the Forsyte Saga (on tv sadly, not the literature) back in the early 70's. My husband's name is Darren. Is your partner Darren too? oh, and if I'm supposed to be commenting on Albee the Dog,for the record, I am a cat lover....

posted on May 16, 2006 3:28 AM by Fleur.
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