July 02, 2003


I tried to visit my favourite Japanese restaurant (Joshu) in Springvale for lunch, today, but it was closed. I did, however, notice a signboard way up high in the air over the shops along Springvale Road - so prominent, so high, and yet it was completely blank. I can't remember what used to be there (it's been so long since I frequented these parts). The new anonymity? Who knows?

Fortunately Santucci's in Carnegie still does its custard coconut cake - the same as I remember it 6 years ago. I'll admit that I miss its smaller, cosier premises, the walls covered with all sorts of random artwork and pictures. The new place, across and up the street a bit...well, it doesn't feel Mine anymore.

posted on July 02, 2003 at 09:18 PM by cos.