March 23, 2003

chi's take on teenage fanclub's greatest hits

[ posted by cos on chi's behalf, again. ]

the official greatest hits:

  1. The Concept
  2. Ain't That Enough
  3. The World'll Be Ok
  4. Everything Flows (edited version)
  5. Star Sign (edited version)
  6. Mellow Doubt
  7. I Need Direction
  8. About You
  9. What You Do to Me
  10. Empty Space
  11. Sparky's Dream
  12. I Don't Want Control of You
  13. Hang On
  14. Did I Say
  15. Don't Look Back
  16. Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From
  17. Neil Jung
  18. Radio
  19. Dumb Dumb Dumb
  20. Planets
  21. My Uptight Life (edited version)

teenage fanclub's greatest hits as I would have it:

  1. planets
  2. your love is the place where I come from
  3. 120 minutes
  4. neil jung
  5. concept (status quo edit)
  6. alcoholiday (john peel session)
  7. radio
  8. the cabbage
  9. hang on
  10. sparky's dream
  11. sidewinder
  12. song to the cynic
  13. guiding star
  14. what you do to me
  15. take the long way round
  16. god knows it's true (john peel session)
  17. gene clark
  18. everything flows
  19. life's a gas (marc bolan cover)
  20. don't look back
  21. speed of light
  22. free again (alex chilton cover)

10 common tracks, far more tracks from the second and third albums for me, I'm surprised there was no ``god knows it's true'' on the official release though...

no special `new songs' on mine so to speak, but the couple they played at the POW gig were quite excellent... however, following in the tradition of record companies other practice of putting in a limited edition bonus disc to encourage initial purchase for `true' fans (or the reverse which I hate, that is to put the bonus disc months after the first release, forcing the `true' fan to fork out for another version...), following is my version of said bonus disc, rare & demo tracks plus a couple that just missed the cut for the first disc. as some of you might know, my wife currently attends the Australian Catholic University, having been a a catholic school for some of my secondary education I am a big fan of Catholic education dogma so ...

the Limited edition Bonus disc should have:

  1. catholic education (demo)
  2. mellow doubt
  3. critical mass (alt)
  4. so far gone (demo)
  5. december (demo)
  6. god knows it true (live)
  7. maharishi dug the scene
  8. heavy metal (demo)
  9. commercial alternative
  10. concept (long version)
  11. like a virgin (madonna cover)
  12. dumb dumb dumb
  13. primary education
  14. about you (acoustic version)
  15. don't cry no tears (neil young cover)
posted on March 23, 2003 at 07:49 PM by cos.