February 24, 2003

Office Space

In the midst of what is rapidly becoming a very poor day indeed, I find this email directed to all... [more]

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February 23, 2003

how to get there

Sydney Road is a very long road - pretty much as long as you want it to be, really.... [more]

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February 18, 2003

from the whiteboard jungle

It has been a while since I have written anything here - mainly because I have been coming to grips... [more]

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February 17, 2003

Blowing One's Horn

Caution: the following entry is not for the phlegm-averse... How is it that some people are able to clear their... [more]

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February 13, 2003

soda jerk

I buy two bottles of soda water at the corner bottle shop on the way home. "You want bag ?"... [more]

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virus, part 2

Try as I might, I wonder if I'll ever be able to come up with something quite so wonderfully terse... [more]

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Still Buzzing

Saw the Buzzcocks perform at The Corner last Thursday. Wow. After the initial shock of seeing slight bald patches on... [more]

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