October 17, 2002

my 1st journal entry...

Caught the train in this morning (first time in 3 weeks, it's been good spring sports ridin' weather thus far) due to a personal commitment to 3 pints and a pot of draught or bitter (haven't decided on which option yet, perhaps even a combination) before Oasis at the forum this evening with friends Sue and Dave. so anyways, there was a VCE student (I know that by my finely honed detective comic skills, twas'all of two seconds before I spotted the bright red yr 12 jumper that said VCE below school emblem. couldn't make out the school name though) standing next me in what was a more packed than usual carriage, the crazy old guy who screams a lot and rides this particular train must've been in the next compartment, reasonably attractive (more alt. mooks less sportsgirl-esque sort of way) and had a - not the Vines, not the White Stripes, not even Johnny Rotten but a Pee Wee Herman button on the front strap of her backpack.

Ah, nothing like a bit of pop-cultural rehabilitation, eh? Time to get out the original Buffy Vampire Slayer movie and enjoy Paul Rueben's best non-pee-wee role ever!

And now, them pints and the brothers Gallagher beckon.

The chister

posted on October 17, 2002 at 05:44 PM by chi.

Hmm, such a great thing to buy when you're not meant to be spending money. I lost my "no future" badge.. which amuses me.

posted on October 17, 2002 7:09 PM by plasmo.

I saw Mystery Men on TV the other day and seeing Paul Reubens brought back Pee Wee memories and all these life lessons that his films have taught us, such as never park your bike on Elizabeth Street where all the motorcycles are lined up. You're just asking for trouble -

One of my favourite films this year has been "Amelie" - I think it's because it had a "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and "Chungking Express" feel to it.

posted on October 18, 2002 9:25 AM by Steve.
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